Initial Discussions
We listen. We ask questions. We need to fully understand our client's culture and personality. Together, we identify the "must have" characteristics - the success factors - which are the technical and behavioral characteristics critical to the position and the candidate assessment process.

Position Profile
We make sure we agree. Timeliness and candidate quality is paramount. Based on the information gathered during our initial discussion, a comprehensive position profile is developed and approved. It will serve as the basis for which all candidates are assessed and evaluated.

Research and Sourcing
We do our homework. We develop a comprehensive understanding of our client's industry and business practices. Target industries and companies are identified. Using our proprietary data base and research advisers we identify and contact prospective candidates - "the brightest and the best". Target industries and/or companies are identified.

We minimize the risk in the selection process. We conduct face-to-face interviews. Finalist candidates are evaluated using our Life Chronology Model - a proven methodology that effectively evaluates each candidate's technical and behavioral characteristics.

Candidate Presentation
We provide a concise, written summary of a candidate's strengths and accomplishments. Equally important, we also identify areas of concern. We focus on fit and we present only those candidates who exceed our client's expectations.

Reference Checking and Verification
We check and verify - another tool to improve the rate of candidate success. It is a critical part of the process. References and other people knowledgeable of the candidate are contacted and educational and employment dates verified.

We stay in touch with the selected candidate and the client - to assure a seamless transition. We personally advise those candidates not selected for the position. We treat all candidates professionally and respectfully.

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