Attracting and Retaining
the Best Talent in the Wine Business

A recruitment specialist lays out the best hiring and retention strategies.
Fred Philpott

Essentially, the wine business is an agribusiness and should be understood in that context. It is less dependent on the economic cycle than it is on Mother Nature. Yet, aside from the challenge of producing and marketing wines in a highly competitive marketplace, the single most difficult issue wine business executives face today is attracting and retaining great employees. This isnít surprising given wine industry growth, a shrinking labor pool and the low unemployment rate. Add to this dilemma the fact that employees are reluctant to leave current positions and that winegrowing regions are heavily reliant upon the existing talent pool.

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A Global Perspective on Acquiring Top Talent
By Fred Philpott & Juena Philpott

A labor shortage on the horizon! Are you prepared to deal with it?

The landscape in the wine industry is changing, driven by global expansion, technology, consolidation and an unprecedented consumer appetite for wine. Will demand exceed supply?

The issue at hand is not the economics of wine consumption, but rather the demand for top talent. Will the demand exceed the supply of top talent as the wine industry in this country further evolves and continues to expand?

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