Our Leadership Development services are driven by our passionate belief that superior people create and sustain outstanding companies. While we recognize the importance of finding exemplary leadership, we understand that identifying key talent is only part of the equation. Our consulting objective is to work with our clients on programs and initiatives that enhance and develop quality leadership.

Leadership Assessment and Development
Using our proven assessment method, we provide in-depth valuation of key talent with respect to leadership capacity, team contribution, and development potential. We provide specific recommendations and work with you to determine appropriate developmental plans. We also design and deliver unique custom training programs to help you achieve those plans.

Strategic Planning / Team Building Facilitation
Appropriate strategic planning is crucial to the success of any organization. However, experience shows that while having a plan is critical, the process of developing the plan can have an even more significant impact on the future of a business. Expert facilitation of the strategic planning process helps to build a cohesive team, identify underlying issues and concerns for leadership, and can reveal key strengths and developmental challenges of the participating leadership team.

Talent Pool and Succession Planning
An essential factor for the sustained success of an organization is its ability to provide replacement leadership. The Stevensville Group works with you to identify potential future leaders and establish a systematic, high-impact program specifically aligned with your corporate strategy. Our talent pool and succession planning process is practical, results driven, and designed to help prepare you for the future - with superior leadership.

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