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Not only do we understand that superior people create and sustain outstanding companies, we know the importance of having the right person in the right place at the right time. We make that happen. We appreciate that vacancies within your organization are disruptive and costly to your operations. Our Executive Search Engine is intensely focused on identifying, assessing, and recruiting superior business people that fit your organization. We deliver a high value return for your investment in the executive search process. We know that there are three critical factors in the process of placing the right candidate in the right company. This is where we excel, and why partnering with The Stevensville Group has consistently proven to be the best choice for our clients.

1) Collaborative Clarity.
Together, you and The Stevensville Group create a precise, comprehensive picture of your ideal candidate. We ask questions you may not have considered and elicit often surprising responses that result in significant information. This information results in an accurate and comprehensive candidate profile that is key to discovering the exact individual who will successfully complement your organization.

2) Target Sourcing.
Our comprehensive practical expertise encompasses a broad range of industries - from services to technology to consumer products. Our strong base of networking provides an excellent sense of where to source superior talent.

3) Dynamic Assessment.
We have developed a proprietary and unique assessment method to effectively match candidates to client-defined characteristics. Through our years of successful hiring experience we have learned that the key to discovering a successful candidate is not only seeking those who fulfill the technical requirements of the position but, more importantly, individuals with personal and behavioral characteristics that fit the culture and personality of the prospective organization.

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